When you are in love, there is no sense being shy about it…. These two hot babes from FTV girls are lesbians through and through, and they not only get off on proving their love to each other in public – they love the responses they get when they are out kissing in public – but they also get off being naked outside…. the beach is the perfect place for these two hot lesbians to get naked and make out!

naked lesbians kissing outside

You just know there has got to be people around watching these two hot lesbians making out!

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This is a special treat for this hot lesbian on Christmas day!!!!!

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25 Jan 15

College Lesbians

Demi didn’t see this coming. Her two best friends went off to college and she went to visit them. What she didn’t know was that while they were away they started playing around with each other, exploring each other’s bodies, only to discover that lesbian sex was a huge turn on for these two college chicks!

They got Demi in the middle and started going for it! They started her off slowly by kissing her…

three first time teen lesbians1

They started off by kissing her, but Demi was so turned on discovering her two best friends had become teen lesbians that she couldn’t resist getting in the middle of them!

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The more these three hot lesbians played with each other the more turned on they got!

three first time teen lesbians7

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22 Jan 15

True Love

These two love each other…. Look at that sexy lesbian tongue kiss!

lesbian kiss hottest pictures08

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Isn’t this a scene you wish you could see in your bed room more often – two cute lesbians peeling each other’s panties off!

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Candy and Lisa had secretly planned their first lesbian get together without telling anyone… But the morning it all went down Candy’s room mate Shauna climbed into bed with them!

They weren’t about to kick this hot chick out! They decided they could just play “Shauna in the middle” and take turns having hot steamy lesbian sex with her – and each other!

hot teen threesome1

The more they kissed and rubbed their bodies together, the more turned on they got! Before they knew it there pussies were all soaking wet and their panties had to come off!

Before they knew it…. All three of them were naked and were eating each other’s snatches at the same time! It was something Candy had seen on the Internet and had always wanted to try! Now that she was officially a lesbian she was taking it all the way!!!!

hot teen threesome3

This is a story to write home about!!!

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15 Jan 15

Hot Kisses

Looks like these two hot teen lesbian kissers are making out in public – and they don’t seem to care who sees them! This is some total teen hotness!

These two are really going at it!

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Here’s a close up of these two sweet teens making out….. Now, if we can just get them to shove each other’s tongues in each other’s mouths, that would make our day!

sexy teen lesbian kissers1

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Lindsay and Darcy had been good friends ever since they grew up in their little home town. Every knew they were inseparable, and no one was surprised when they both went off to college together. But it was at college where they learned a new bag of tricks – and to become lesbians!

It took these two hot teens all of a month to figure out how sexy another woman’s body is, and they were all over each other – having freaky lesbian sex all over their tiny dorm room!

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The best about their secret lesbian adventures was the muff diving. These two hot teens with the killer bodies loved having their pussy eaten out, and only a teen lesbian can eat pussy the way another woman likes!

Seems Darcy loves it when Lindsay goes down on her pussy and muff dives on her!

teen lesbian muff divers2

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10 Jan 15

Kinky Lesbians

These two kinky lesbian kissers are a bit more forceful than others…. Blondie had her girlfriend there pinned down to the bed with a tongue buried in her mouth!

And she’s loving every minute of it!

kinky first time lesbian sex4

Why wouldn’t she? If this hot blonde had me pinned down to the bed and was shoving her tongue down my throat I’d be fine with that!

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7 Jan 15

Carpet Munchers

Angie and Daphne were on vacation in Spain – their first trip away from home now that they were adults – and Angie spent most of her time complaining about how much she missed her boyfriend. And missed the sex she was used to getting on a daily basis!

Daphne decided to shut her up by showing her how to use her favorite toy that she snuck in through the airport – her little remote control pocket rocket! She took it out and had Angie hike up her skirt, and started to show Angie how she uses it. What Daphne didn’t think about was how much it would turn on Angie – and how quickly it would turn her on!

teen lesbians on bed having sex1

Turns out it turned her on to much that suddenly Angie was all over Daphne! She pulled out Daphne’s breast and started to lick and kiss it, but before Daphne could say anything or do anything Daphne discovered that sh e too was turned on! Suddenly they were touching each other, kissing each other, and licking each other all over!

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By the time the clothes came off they were eating each other’s pussies! They were both closet carpet munchers but just didn’t know it!

teen lesbians on bed having sex6

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