Nikki was surprised when Kelly invited her “new friend” Donna. She was different, a read head with short hair, and Nikki knew it from the get go. She was cute, but it was pretty clear to Nikki that Donna was a lesbian, or at the very least bi-sexual. Kelly had mentioned her new friend to Nikki and how close they were becoming, and she secretly began to wonder if they were more than just friends. Perhaps she even thought they were dating. And oddly enough, although she had never had lesbian sex before, but at the same time the very thought of it sort of turned her on!

After a few glasses of wine in Kelly’s apartment, well, Nikki was willing to try anything…. And when she said that out loud, Kelly was all over her! Before Nikki knew it she was being undressed by Kelly and her lesbian friend Donna!

hot teen lesbian-threesome3

The more the clothes came off, the hotter it got! Nikki was getting so turned on by the naked teen bodies and the touching, the kissing, and everything else, she just couldn’t help herself! She had never thought much about getting it on with another girl before – lesbian sex was the farthest thing from her mind – but now she was all up in it and loving every minute of it!

hot teen lesbian-threesome4 hot teen lesbian-threesome5

When Kelly pulled out her vibrator and started to suck on it, getting it nice and wet…. Nikki knew what was coming next! Her favorite way to get off was with her trusty vibrator, and now these two hot chicks were going to use it with her! This was becoming a lesbian fuck fest!

hot teen lesbian-threesome6

And Nikki was so turned on she couldn’t stop from cumming!

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19 Jul 14

Cruel Intentions

Good bless Youtube already…. For allowing us to put up tons of girls kissing girls videos!

YouTube Preview Image
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We don’t usually get to see any serious lesbian kissing on the Met Art website… But they are known for high quality photography…. And when they get two of their hot chicks together, well, being as all women are lesbians… These two can’t keep their hands off of each other!

Just like all other first time lesbian hotties…. They start with the kissing first!

met art lesbian kiss

It’s always hot when lesbians make out…. But when they are this fucking hot to begin with, well, it’s even hotter!

It might just not get hotter than this when it comes to lesbians kissing. If only Met Art would focus on this full time!

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14 Jul 14

Drunk Teens

It all started so innocently enough… Jackie and Una got together for a few drinks, but Jackie had a rather large staff of booze and the more they drank the more crazy they got!

A short time later Jackie was wearing nothing but her panties – and Una was down on her knees licking her breasts!

young lesbians1

That only made Jackie’s pussy nice and wet, and Una could smell it from where she was down on her knees! This only fueled the flames! And when two hot teens are drunk and start having lesbian sex, well, there is only way this can go!

This might be their first time these two hot teens are having lesbian sex, but they are doing it up in style!!!!

young lesbians2 young lesbians3

I just want to see these two hot teens taking off their panties and eating out other out!!!!

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I love close ups of hot lesbians making out with each other….. And even more so with their tongues in each other’s mouths!!!!

teen lesbians kissing-making-out07

I can watch these teen lesbians kissing each other all damn day long!!!!!

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These three hot lesbians from the Sapphic Erotica site are having a party…. Naked hard bodies and wine – If they aren’t lesbians, they soon will be!

Carpet munching lesbians!!!!


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These three lesbians have it going on!!!!

There are lipstick lesbians, and there are real hard core lesbians…. And these are the hard core ones!


This blonde chick is dipping her fingers into her honey pot…. Deep into her pussy!


It’s got to be finger licking good!!!

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4 Jul 14

Teen Make Out

Just found these two hotties on a website called The Wet Peach making out…. The Wet Peach might not be a lesbian website, but every now and then they get two teen hotties together to swap some spit……

And these two are hot!

hot lesbian kiss

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Do you know why these two teen lesbians are into each other?

It’s because they look so alike… Both with dark hair, pig tails, cute eyes, perky breasts, and powerful little legs that don’t stop!

hot-sex-teen-lesbian-kissers2 hot-sex-teen-lesbian-kissers3

These two lesbians must be banging each other on a regular basis – every time they find a moment alone! And with hard bodies like theirs it would be hard for them to keep each other’s hands off of each other!!!

I know I would!


But the part they love the most…. Is the vibrator in the pussy! Shove that thing up in her pussy and turn it on, and bam – It’s lesbian orgasm city!!!


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Looks like these two kissing lesbians are going to have a great afternoon….

I must admit I do enjoy a good lesbian kiss when they both have skirts on – They get into the lesbian kissing so much that they fail to notice their skirts are riding up or that their legs are spread enough so we can see their panties…. Watching two lesbians kiss while you can see their panties is always super hot!!!

Hot lesbians kissing02

The girl on the right – blondie – looks like she has Playboy panties on!!!!

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