26 Nov 15

Teen Lesbian BBQ

Angel had the right idea inviting her two teen girlfriends over for a bbq on Saturday afternoon! They didn’t know it but her goal for today was to turn them both into raging lesbians!

A few more drinks ought to turn them into raging lesbians willing to eat pussy!

teen lesbian bbq1

After a nice meal with lots of booze, the girls stripped down to their bikinis to go in the pool…. But Angel started playing with Missy’s ass, Missy got turned on, and it was pure animal lesbian lust from that point on! Missy couldn’t wait to get out of her bikini!

Sammy just watched – but couldn’t wait to jump in on the hot lesbian action. She had never had lesbian sex before but she was hoping it would be everything her girlfriends told her it would be!

teen lesbian bbq2

Sure enough, a few moments later Sammy was on her back, buck as naked, getting her pussy licked by Missy!

Turns out Missy can lick a mean pussy – Not bad for a first time lesbian!!!

teen lesbian bbq3

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It was supposed to be movie night for these three college room mates. They usually got together every Thursday night to watch a movie together. But this time Shauna brought a few wine coolers, and half way through the movie they were wasted…. They were watching a movie called “Bound” which was about first time lesbians and all three of them discovered this lesbian story was turning them on and making their tight little teen pussies wet…

No one seemed to remember who started what, but suddenly they had started kissing each other, clothes came off, and suddenly these three young college chicks were getting naked, fondling each other, and sharing tender lesbian kisses with each other….

movie night turns into first time lesbian fuck fest1

The more the clothes came off the more they seemed to enjoy each other’s company….. This might have been their first time having lesbian sex, but it won’t be their last time!!!!

movie night turns into first time lesbian fuck fest2

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21 Nov 15

Lesbian Bath

All of her life Sandy knew she liked girls….. But she never had the courage to tell anyone. One of her best friends – Mary – was a sexy lesbian and not afraid to tell the world about it. Sandy and Mary decided to take a vacation together, and that’s when Sandy made her move…..

They had a few glasses of wine…. And Sandy moved in for the kill while Mary was taking a bath!

sexy hot lesbians09

Sandy entered the the bathroom wearing nothing more than a robe and carrying a bowl of milk, and told Mary all about her secret lesbian fantasies… Mary was quick to let Sandy know that she was all for it….

A few moments later they were playing with that bowl of milk…. With Sandy pouring it down Mary’s back and into her pussy!

sexy hot lesbians10

Sandy had always wanted to know what it was like to eat pussy, and this was her big chance!

Mary sat on the side of the tub and spread her legs…. Sandy got into the tub and started to like her snatch!

sexy hot lesbians11

Sandy seemed to really enjoy muff diving on her lesbian friend…..

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18 Nov 15

Club Kisses

Back to the night club scene, I love buying drinks for young hotties, getting them loaded, and encouraging them to make out….. In this case chick on the right is so drunk her top is down and she’s just mining for diamonds….. Yeah, she loves the lesbian kiss!



Topless girls kissing in a bar is always hot!

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16 Nov 15

Hot Sexy Lesbians

These two bikini clad lesbians seem to be having a ball with each other… Is that sun tan lotion – or a bottle of honey?

hot lesbians bikinis

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13 Nov 15

Hands And Knees

Just like with any relationship, there is always one person who wears the pants…. And lesbians are no different – There is always one of them in charge….

Check out this lesbian kiss…. Sexy lesbian kiss I might add! See the chick on her hands and knees? She’s not the one in charge. Her lesbian girlfriend there is calling all of the shots!

crazy lesbians making out kissing each other1

It doesn’t matter who is in charge to use so long as they keep making out with each other!!!!

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They were sitting around in their dorm after classes, and much to their surprise Tiffany decided to tell them that she had never had sex with another woman before….. “Never had lesbian sex before?” asked Nancy.

But what Nancy and her friend Kristin didn’t know is that Tiffany was pulling the wool over their eyes….. She had a summer long fling with her friend Paris last summer!

hot teen lesbian threesome1

They decided to teach Tiffany a few new ticks…. Kristin was first up; The two hot teen lesbians started to feel her up, playing with her breasts, and taking her shirt off!

hot teen lesbian threesome2

Suddenly Kristin and Nancy figured out that the only one not naked was Tiffany!

That’s when Tiffany told them that she loved lesbian sex – and just wanted to watch them get naked and have lesbian sex with each other!!!

hot teen lesbian threesome3

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8 Nov 15

One Of Each

Donna and Kelly had a sleep over spent the night in each other’s arms making all kinds of odd lesbian sex noises…. It was only a matter of time before Kelly’s room mate Kathy figured out what was going on!

Kathy had never had sex with another woman before, but she was interested to know what it would be like…. So she decided to join in! She snuck into Kelly’s bed room and interrupted them and jumped right in bed with them!

hot teen threesome1

Kathy had never had lesbian sex before but she was more than up to the task and jumped right in on the fun!

Donna and Kathy started licking Kelly’s breasts wile Kathy was playing with with Kelly’s snatch…. Slowly they stripped each other down, took each other’s panties off, and then Kathy started to stick her fingers into their snatches, getting them off!

hot teen threesome3

But Kathy was a tease and she knew that she wanted to get off too….. All three lesbians wanted to get off at the same time, and they could only do that if they were all eating each other out at the same time!

They all laid down, lips to pussy lips, and they all ate each other out at the same time!

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6 Nov 15

Fucking Janet

Janet and Meadow were supposed to go out shopping but when Janet showed up wearing that sexy dress it was too much for Meadow to have…. Janet didn’t know it, but Meadow was a hardcore lesbian – and Meadow was about to set her sights in on her!

Their first hug pretty much let Janet know what was about to happen!

lesbian shopping trip4

On the couch they ended up, with Janet almost naked wearing nothing more than her panties and her high heels while Meadow played with her ass!

lesbian shopping trip1 lesbian shopping trip2

When Meadow pulled out the purple vibrator things went from having a good time to a serious lesbian fuck session! This was Meadow’s first time having sex with another woman, but she ended up getting banged nice and hard with that vibrator up inside her pussy!

lesbian shopping trip3

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Looks like these two lesbians are going to have a fun afternoon… sucking face!

two hot lesbians making out

I can see these two lesbians got all dressed up for their little lesbian make out session….

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