22 Nov 14

Sexy Grape Kiss

These two hot chicks from babes.com are getting into it… If these two hotties get close enough to pass a grape between them, that’s a lesbian kiss, isn’t it? I think it is…. If their tongues are kissing I think it should count as a lesbian kiss.

Although I am guessing these two hotties have something much more in mind than just a kiss!

two hot babes kissing

These two lesbians will be all over each other!

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21 Nov 14

First Lesbian Sex

Kelly and Kathy are two hot chicks that always wanted to play around with other chicks…. All of their friends were doing it, so why not do it with each other??? Every time they hung out with each other they both secretly dreamed of deep lesbian kisses and stripping each other down and eating pussy.

They took a trip together to attend a friend’s wedding out of town, and that’s when it finally happened. They were in this small hotel with an indoor pool and they got all dressed up for the big show. After having a few drinks at the reception, they found themselves alone in the pool area all dressed up with no place to go….

Kelly leaned in and kissed Kathy, and just as Kelly had hoped Kathy didn’t shy away! They engaged each other in a deep passionate lesbian kiss!

lesbian lovers eating snatch1

They quickly stripped each other down; Kathy has a blast playing with Kelly’s pussy through her panties! But her panties were going to come off soon enough!

Kathy wanted to sink her teeth into her pussy. She had never gone down on another woman before so this would be a first for her, and she couldn’t wait to taste her lesbian girlfriend’s pussy!

lesbian lovers eating snatch4

The started off by kissing and licking her nipples… And then once those panties were off she moved in for the kill!

lesbian lovers eating snatch3 lesbian lovers eating snatch5

This might have been their first time having lesbian sex, but trust me they’ll be back for more shortly!!!!

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18 Nov 14

Hot Tongue Kiss

These two young teen lesbians have the lesbian tongue kiss going on!

Oh, and perfectly lean bodies too!

super sexy lesbian makeout session1

Here’s a little close up of these two sexy lesbians making out…. Very nice!!!

super sexy lesbian makeout session2

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16 Nov 14

Lesbians In A Tub

These two college room mates decided to get into the hot tub…. All alone – and with no clothes on!


You can’t throw two sexy hot chicks into a tub together naked without them wanting to get it on! And you now it’s going to end up in lesbian sex, in this case first time lesbian sex!

They started with licking the breasts….


And quickly moved into carpet munching! Because all lesbians love it when another woman eat out their pussy!


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These two lipstick lesbians were just that – they would make out at the drop of the hat after a few shot in the bars to entertain the guys, but they had never given much consideration to becoming real life lesbians…. they like the make pretend as long as things didn’t get too serious. But one night they had a few shots at dinner, then went home to get dressed up to go clubbing…. They were both half dressed when suddenly the lesbian kissing started…

two hot lesbians kissing

Being as they were both already naked they decided to stay in for the night… And these two lipstick lesbian kissers became real lesbians over night!

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13 Nov 14

Penthouse Pet Kiss

If this isn’t the kiss to end all lesbian kisses, I don’t know what is…. This is Misty Anderson and Penthouse Pet Sunny Leone kissing on the beach in Florida!

It’s not often you get to kiss a Penthouse Pet, and not too often that you get to see two of them making out!

misty anderson sunny bikinis lesbian kiss

Now this is super hot!!!

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11 Nov 14

Brand New Lesbian

All men love it when two smoking hot lesbians get together to hunt down some fresh meat, and find a hot young teen chick and turn her into a lesbian slut for the very first time!!! Luckily today’s teens are much more open to the idea of girl on girl sex!!!

Kenzie and Faye are two smoking hot teen lesbians who decided this morning they needed something new! They needed some hot new fresh lesbian teen meat for them to share between the two of them – you know, licking and kissing and teasing and fingering pussy in ways that only a teen lesbian can do!

They scored big time at the local mall with a hot little perky blonde named Holly! When they got Holly home they quickly decided the best way to break her in was to play a little game they liked to call “Kenzie in the middle”. That’s when Kenzie sat in the middle with a hot lesbian on each side and they went on work on Kenzie from different sides!

Being as Holly was new to the world of lesbian sex, she decided to sit there and make out with Kenzie! Kissing another woman like this was a first for Holly. She had seen her friends doing it, but she was surprised at how gentle Kenzie’s lesbian kisses were!

hot teen lesbian threesome1

Once Holly was more comfortable making love to another woman, she pulled down Kenzie’s top and started to kiss and lick Kenzie’s breast. Holly quickly noticed that Kenzie loved to have her nipples licked!

Faye, still working from the other side, had Kenzie’s legs spread and was both licking and fingering her pussy!!! This is what lesbian sex is all about!!!!

hot teen lesbian threesome2

Buy they needed to focus their attention on Holly, the newest member the world of sweet lesbian sex! They needed to teach her how to make love to a lesbian, and how beautiful lesbian sex can be!

They got Holly naked and laid her down on the couch! Faye came from the top and Faye and Holly licked each other’s nipples! Holly discovered she also loved having her nipples licked by another lesbian! Kenzie had Holly’s legs spread open wide and was finger fucking Holly!

hot teen lesbian threesome3

Holly’s first taste of lesbian sex turned out better than she had hoped!!!

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8 Nov 14

Soapy Kisses

How about some more lesbian teen tongue kisses this morning for you? Yummy! (Nice nipples too!)

These shots come from a website called K8tie!!!!

more teen lesbian kisses1

Looks like they decided to take a bath! Two hot teens in their panties, all lathered up, and making out….. What a great way to start the day!

more teen lesbian kisses2

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6 Nov 14

Charlie & Bella

Charlie and Bella both want to become hardcore lesbians – all of their friends are – but I’m not sure just how is training who here! It looks like they are both so into this and so turned on by this that their first lesbian kiss is is going to make both of their pussies soaking wet!

These two are going to explore each other’s bodies for the first time in a way that only true lesbians can!

charlie bella lesbian training5

Charlie is the one who really dives into the world of lesbian sex first! She has Bella spread her legs so she can finger Bella’s pussy! Then they leans in and starts to rub her tongue on Bella’s clit! Bella is going out of her mind! She’s never had another woman lick her pussy before!

Does that make Bella a lesbian? What about Charlie?

charlie bella lesbian training6

Bella got off quickly by having Charlie licking her lesbian pussy!

Bella wanted to return the favor but being as this was her first time having lesbian sex she wasn’t sure how! She didn’t know anything about muff diving and eating pussy! So she grabbed two of the strangest vibrators Charlie had ever seen, and they both went at it trying to get each other off!!!!

charlie bella lesbian training7

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These two teen chicks from Lez Cuties are really in to their lesbian kiss….. Right about now, these two could care less if the roof caves in!

Have you ever seen two lesbians making out like this?

teen lesbians licking lips

That young blonde chick has some nice lesbian tongue action going on!

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