27 Apr 15

Best Tongue Kiss

Super…. Hot… Lesbian…. Kiss…..

And a lesbian tongue kiss at that!

lesbian kiss hottest pictures68

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This kiss took Shelly by surprise…. Her long time friend went off to college and came back a teen lesbian – who loves making out with other hot teen chicks!

She grabbed Shelly’s top and with one quick yank her boobies were coming out!

super hot lesbian kisses 6

The only thing that stopped them from falling out was her hot tender lesbian kiss!

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Hayden and Erica had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman but never had the nerve to try it. They had been room mates at college since last September, and both had seen each other naked at one point or another – in the shower, getting dressed, skinny dipping in the hot tub… And each time it sort of turned them on with a little shiver running up and down their spines….

They both had a busy week and decided to unwind over a quick dinner with some wine and they started talking about how having sex with other chicks was the big thing on campus these days…. And then they decided they should try it. They both retreated back to their rooms and got dressed up for this epic event. Hayden laid out a comforter on the floor in the dining room, and they both got down on their knees and started to kiss each other while they gently touched each other in the places that were normally reserved for their boyfriends….

The lesbian kisses were totally turning each other on!

two smoking hot teen lesbians1

Very slowly they started to explore each other’s bodies, first with their hands, and then with each other’s tongues….

two smoking hot teen lesbians2 two smoking hot teen lesbians3

Until these two first time lesbians were both naked and playing with each other using sex toys!

two smoking hot teen lesbians4

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20 Apr 15

Lesbian Nail Salon

This wasn’t the way these three teen hotties thought they would be spending their weekend! They wanted to go to the nail salon and then go out shopping… But plans changed quickly after getting their nails done!

lesbian nail salon1 lesbian nail salon2

Getting their nails done turned them on a bit too much and the three of them decided to go back to Angel’s house….. Angel was no stranger to lesbian sex, but her two new friends had never done it before so this was their first time having hot lesbian sex!!!!

lesbian nail salon3 lesbian nail salon4

But Angel sure did like licking her nipples!

lesbian nail salon5

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17 Apr 15

Bikini Cruise

These two bikini clad lesbians seem to be enjoying each other’s company on the boat….. Must be a lesbian cruise!

lesbian kiss hottest pictures56

I can watch these two bikini clad lesbians making out with each other!

lesbian kiss hottest pictures57

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Lesbians love their lesbian kisses – and sharing fruit!

lesbians fuck eachother with fruit3

These two hot lesbians have it going on!

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12 Apr 15

Five Teen Lesbians

This is exactly the kind of stuff fantasies are made up of…. Five hot teens, buck ass naked, having hot lesbian sex!

It started out a study session; None of them had any intention of having lesbian sex with each other…. None of them had ever had lesbian sex before, but after this special study session all five of these teen hotties are sure to be lesbians having lesbian sex for the rest of their life!

teen lesbians having sex2

These teen hotties broke down into groups and went to town on each other!!!

teen lesbians having sex3 teen lesbians having sex4

These hot teen lesbians were kissing each other, and playing with each other’s vibrators all over each other!!!!!

teen lesbians having sex6

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10 Apr 15

Titty Grab

These two lesbian kissers are really going at it! Grabbing titties and all!

Squeeze them!

hot lesbian kisses

That’s a hot lesbian kiss right there for ya kids!

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7 Apr 15

Pony Tail Kisses

Now isn’t this just a grand way to start the new year? Two hot teen chicks – with pony tails – laying on the bed, kissing, and enjoying each other’s bodies……

Two hot teens….. With pony tails…. Kissing…..

hot girls kissing girls

Two hot teen lesbians kissing!

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These two seem to be in lesbian training, but I’m not sure who’s teaching who what?

They sure are enjoying that lesbian kiss though!!!


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