Merry Christmas!

Here’s some close up shots of two hot teen lesbians making out and kissing each other…. It’s pretty hot watching the tongue pericing roll around between the two mouths!

closeup lesbian kisses1

closeup lesbian kisses2

closeup lesbian kisses3

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Kristin didn’t remember what started everything. It wasn’t entirely uncommon from them to have a little get together to study for a college exam or just to watch a movie, and have the three of them ending up naked having lesbian sex together. They were young college students, always horny, and always looking to explore new ways to get off sexually! It just so happens that they were tired of getting the run around from men, and discovered that having sex with each other was much easier – and lesbian sex was so hot!

They were the prefect lesbian threesome – one blonde, one brunette, and one readhead!

teen lesbians having sex1

Kristin sure like being the center of attention in this lesbian teen threesome! First she was getting kissed while her other girlfriend was licking her breasts, and then they stripped her down and fingered her tight little pussy!

teen lesbians having sex2

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23 Mar 15

Strawberry Kisses

Looks like this hot lesbian kiss involves a strawberry… This is exactly what happens when hot lesbians try to stay sober on Christmas Eve!

No wonder they make out with each other!

lesbian kiss hottest pictures29

Merry Christmas!!!!

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When it comes to first time lesbians, sometimes it just happens at the spur of the moment, but other times it’s planned. Hayden and Tiffany planned out their first time having lesbian sex. They talked about it over a few drinks in a local bar, and then went back to Tiffany’s place to make it happen. Their first time having lesbian sex – how hot!

Of course, they had been out the bar earlier so they were both looking super hot! Hayden had on a tight little half shirt, and Tiffany had on a black blouse that showed off her sexy cleavage and some tight blue jeans….


They talked about this part first – they would start off with kissing. But Hayden had no idea that Tiffany had a super killer tongue and planned on using all of her tongue to turn her on!

And it worked! This lesbian romp was off to a good start!


Then they started to take each other’s clothes off…. God, they both noticed how sexy they both looked naked! They both had nice firm perky tits!

lesbian-anatl-couple-3 lesbian-anatl-couple-5

They kissed some more – oh, how they loved the lesbian kisses – and then they explored each other’s bodies with their hands….. And without warning their hands explored each other’s bodies until they were fingering each other!


This is pretty hot for two first timers having lesbian sex for the first time!

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The more time these two lesbians spend with each other, the hotter their lesbian kisses become!

hot-sexy lesbian kisses7

This it total lesbian kiss hotness!!!

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18 Mar 15

College Lesbians

These two college lesbians knew they wanted it each other the first day they met…. They were all over each other like bears to honey, or lesbians to a breast….. They couldn’t wait to strip each other’s clothes off and go to town on each other!!!!

two hot teen lesbians fucking2

These two first time lesbians took off all of their clothes and rubbed their bodies together, playing with each other’s breasts and pussies at the same time!

They sure do love being cute young lesbians!!!!

two hot teen lesbians fucking8

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This hot lesbian threesome was about six months in the making… They loved being closet lesbians, but then they all went off to different colleges and it was impossible for all three of them to be together at the same time… Thankfully summer came and they all ended up at home for the summer – so they can have their hot lesbian sex!

three hot lesbians muff diving in stockings9

They got all dressed up for this epic lesbian threesome….. Al of them were thigh high stockings, one in black, one in white, and one in pink – How cute is that?

three hot lesbians muff diving in stockings10

But very quickly these three hot lesbians with the soaking wet pussys got down to business and got more serious about their hot lesbian threesome!

Panties came off, pussys got licked and eaten out – all three lesbians love to muff dive!

three hot lesbians muff diving in stockings11three hot lesbians muff diving in stockings12

With legs spread these three hotties took turns getting each other off!

three hot lesbians muff diving in stockings13

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13 Mar 15

Tracy & Nikki

Tracy and Nikki never planned to have lesbian sex with each other; It’s something that just happened. There they were, away from home for the first time, all alone – and horny as hell. They didn’t know anyone and quickly found themselves spending more and more time with each other.

One Sunday morning they had nothing better to do so they stayed in bed and watched TV in Tracy’s room. An innocent touch made their pussies wet and they started playing with each other. At first it was play wrestling very much in the way that men wish happened at a a lesbian sorority, but then their lips met and suddenly they were making out with each other – their first lesbian kiss!

sexy teens first time lesbian sex1 sexy teens first time lesbian sex2

From their first lesbian kiss it wasn’t too far until they had taken off all of their clothes were pleasing each other with their tongues! They quickly decided they liked having their pussies licked by another woman! Having a chick eat them out was special; Lesbians lick pussy in a tender way that only another sexy young lesbian could do!

These two newly discovered first time teen lesbians too turns eating each other out!

sexy teens first time lesbian sex3

After eating each other out they leaned back on the bed and started to lick each other’s pussy juices from their lips!

This is one hot lesbian kiss that they won’t forget for a long long time!!!!

sexy teens first time lesbian sex4

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11 Mar 15

Lesbian Dress Up

Looks like these two hot teen lesbian kissers got all dressed up for each other tonight……. And that’s hot!

I wonder if the dressing up turns them on like it turns men on!

sweet sexy-lesbians1

With high heels and all!!!!

sweet sexy-lesbians2

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A few days after Christmas Ginger found herself without a ride…. And it just so happened that Dakoda and Nicole happened by with a nice big SUV… But they were looking for some hot lesbian sex and Ginger was a hot redhead with a nice rack – and a girl in need is a friend indeed!

Ginger had no idea they were looking to recruit a fresh new lesbian…..

lesbians hunting lesbians1

They talked Ginger into coming home with her and they had a few drinks! Ginger was all too ready to get naked for them! Dakoda and Nicole started to lick her her breasts and her nipples and this just sent Ginger through the roof! She loved having her nipples licked! And of course two hot lesbian chicks were much more tender than any man she’s ever had sex with!

lesbians hunting lesbians2

But when Dakota moved down to Ginger’s snatch…. Right there and then Ginger she decided she would be a lesbian for life!!!

lesbians hunting lesbians3

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