Mia and Ella loved their secret little get togethers. No one knew they were lesbians. They would get together at the pool at Mia’s house where no one could see them and they did they own thing…. Being in bikinis really turned these two hotties on, which just made them only hotter!

bikini lesbians having sex outside pool sex outside1

These two hot lesbians ended up on their knees touching each other in a way that only hot lesbians can touch, and kissing each other as they slowly took each other’s bikinis off!

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Then Mia pull aside Ella’s bikini bottom…. And started licking her pussy!

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If there is one thing that Ella always loved, it was when Mia went down on her pussy and start muff diving!

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It started off as a very casual thing. They were friends who enjoyed each other’s company. Instead of spending their free time chasing boys like their other friends, they stayed home on Saturday nights and studied. They thought nothing of it.

After their first year at college it was summer break, and they were apart – their first separation. That’s when they figured out their friendship was much more than just a friendship.

When they first saw each other back at school they didn’t care who saw them greeting each other for the first time in months – with their lips locked up against each other! This was going to be one hell of a hot lesbian kiss!

teen lesbians making out first time1

Once they started to tear off each other’s clothes… They moved to a place where no one would see them! Or least someplace where they hoped no one would see them!

Then they went for it, full lesbian open mouth kiss!

teen lesbians making out first time2

They can’t hide it now… They are lesbians and proud of it!

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They’ve never had lesbian sex before but they know there is a first time for everything, and all of their girlfriends have been having lesbian sex with each other…. They should be doing it – and from the looks of it, the short blonde is about to get seriously punished!

super sexy hot lesbians getting it on02

She’s been a bad girl so it’s time for her punishment – right on her ass! But then… When her ass is nice and red Jenny decided to kiss it to make it feel better!

super sexy hot lesbians getting it on04 super sexy hot lesbians getting it on05

And lesbian kisses turned them on; One thing lead to another and before they knew it they were all over each other! For first time lesbian lovers they sure do know a lot about having lesbian sex!

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And wow – what a great lesbian kiss this is! These two sexy lesbians were made each other!!!!

super sexy hot lesbians getting it on08

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30 Jan 16

Email Updates

Want to know when I update my blog here? Sweet? Tonight I installed “email updates”. Just find the email updates box on the site and roll with it!

SIGN UP NOW you slacker!!!!!

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These two slutty schoolgirls are really going for it….. Ummm, nice locker room too.

I love it when school girls make out and kiss each other!!! You know all schoolgirls want to spend their time kissing and making out with each other – just in our fantasies they have pillow fights wearing nothing but their bra and panties…..

lesbiansextales com 6

This is one lesbian sex tale I can’t wait to hear more about!!!!!

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Now this is a beautiful picture of two lesbians muff diving…. There’s no denying that her tongue is right on that snatch!

super muff diving picture 4

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22 Jan 16

Sweaty Work Out

Some lesbian kisses are just hotter than others…..

Lesbians should know they can’t go working out with each other. It’s just too much for them to handle, seeing other hot lesbians with tight little bodies and skimpy outfits in sexy positions working out – It’s too much for them! They get horny just thinking about it. And when lesbians think about lesbian sex with each other, and their pussies get wet, they quickly resort to what they know best – and that’s lesbian kisses!

These two gym hotties are busy licking each other’s tongues…..

lesbian kiss hottest pictures05

These two beauties are having a blast going at it! This is going to be one hot sexy lesbian kiss, that’s for sure!

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20 Jan 16

Carmen's Surprise

Carmen didn’t see this coming!

Carmen and Paris had been good friends all through high school, and now that they were in their first year in college they were busy and a bit overwhelmed with everything. They didn’t have time for boys and little privacy; They got off secretly and quickly in the shower in the morning before class.

One afternoon they walked into the dorm room these two teen hotties shared, and suddenly Paris slammed Carmen up against the wall and started to kiss her!

paris carmen surprise lesbian-sex01

Carmen had always wanted to get it on with another woman – she had heard all about how her girlfriends back home were trying out the lesbian sex thing – but she didn’t have the time or energy… Or the nerve! When Paris started to kiss her she was all for it!

These two hot teens got so into their lesbian make out session that it quickly progressed into so much more, with Paris lifting up Carmen’s shirt, playing with her tiny teen breasts, and kissing her all over!

Before they knew it, these two hot teen lesbians were getting naked!

paris carmen surprise lesbian-sex02paris carmen surprise lesbian-sex03paris carmen surprise lesbian-sex04paris carmen surprise lesbian-sex05

This might have been their first time having lesbian sex, but they’ll be sure to do it again…..

paris carmen surprise lesbian-sex06

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Sara caught Jenny sneaking out with her ex-boyfriend…. and it was time to get rough with her! Sara had to teach her a lesson – Part punishment, part pleasure, and a part reminder of how good it is to have lesbian sex!

I think Jenny’s gonna get fucked!

hot lesbians fucking hot lesbians1 hot lesbians fucking hot lesbians2

Sure enough, Sara spanked her bottom a little and Jenny loved having her rear end spanked!

Then Sara pulled out her dildo and went to down on her! Jenny spread her legs wide, and Sara slowly eased the strap on dildo down into her pussy…. And then started to ram it home!

hot lesbians fucking hot lesbians3

Some punishment!!!

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15 Jan 16

Lesbians Like Dick

Lexi and Anna Marie weren’t first time lesbians, and they weren’t shy about the fact they were dating…. It must drive the men crazy – two hot lesbians that they can’t touch!

But the truth is – no matter how long they were lesbians – they still liked the feeling of having a hard dick buried deep inside of their pussies!

sexy hot lesbians15

Thank god for sex toys!

Tonight it was Lexi’s turn…. She bent over and let Anna Maria shove Lexi’s favorite dildo deep into her pussy – and then in and out and in and out, over and over again….

sexy hot lesbians16

When Lexi came she was sure to let Anna Maria know!!!!

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