25 May 15

Girls On Girls

I found these two on the Euro Girls On Girls website…. Not sure if they are first time lesbians, but we can always make pretend……

Now that’s one hot lesbian kiss!!!!

sexy lesbians

I can watch these two lesbians kiss all day!

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Now if this isn’t exactly what a lesbian kisses blog should be about… Hot, naked, chicks, kissing. Naked and kissing is highlights here.

These two sexy lesbian kissers are from the FTV Girls website…. .

ftv girls lesbians naked kissing

FTV Girls really isn’t a lesbian website, but someone there clearly likes lesbians…. Because there seems to be a lot of hot lesbian kissing action going on there. Combined with the fact that the photography is killer… Well, the end result is some of th hottest lesbian kissing photos we’ve seen in a long, long time!

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20 May 15

First Lesbian Sex

Kelly had always secretly dreamed of becoming a lesbian. All of the chicks at her college dorm were doing it, banging each other; She had even heard that some of the sororities had sworn off men…. And this was the way for her to go!

Kelly turned to her good friend Donna for lessons… Of all of her friends, Donna was the kinky one – She’d try anything once! If any of her friends had tried lesbian sex before, it was sure to be Donna! Sure enough, when she mentioned it Donna, Donna told her that she had lesbian sex on a regular basis….

Donna did lesbian training all of the time… And with an ass like hers, she’s sure to get lots of hot chicks to turn into lesbians!

first time lesbians going for it1

Donna quickly took control of the situation; She got Kelly down on her hands and knees on the couch and started to pull on her hair…. Kelly had always liked it rough and this was a huge turn on for her! She had no idea that that lesbian sex could be so rough!

first time lesbians going for it2

Kelly took to lesbian sex like she was riding a bicycle…. Donna had wrestled off her clothes and started to go down on her!

Kelly was so turned on by the muff diving and she was always curious as to what another woman’s pussy would taste like, so she started to return the favor by eating out Donna’s wet pussy!

first time lesbians going for it3

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17 May 15

Three Hot Lesbians

This lesbian threesome started off as three girlfriends bar hopping. One would think they would have had no problem finding a decent man to fuck, but the more they drank the less interested they became in picking up men – and the more interested they became in each other. Even if they have never had lesbian sex before, they all knew they wanted to try it – and they all knew what they need to do!

Nikki’s place was the closest so they headed back there…. And before any of them could say “first time lesbian sex” they were mostly undressed, wearing nothing but their bras, matching panties, and their sexy high heels!

sexy first time lesbians1

They moved onto the couch where they started to take turns kissing each other…. All women like love tender kisses, and even first time lesbians get turned on when another woman starts kissing them gently….

sexy first time lesbians2

Once the rest of their clothes came off these first time lesbians knew exactly what needed to be done… These first time lesbians didn’t need any sexy toys; Instead they used their fingers to finger bang each other’s pussies!

sexy first time lesbians3

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Donna and Eva loved their secret lesbian relationship… They were both married, but their husbands were fucking their secretaries and they needed some attention too. It happened one afternoon over lunch when they had a few too many drinks… Since then, they’ve secretly considered themselves lesbians!

Eva was the first one to start taking of their clothes….. They were holding each other in their arms and about to kiss each other when Eva pulled her top down….

lesbians rubbing their pussies together2

But being as they were new to lesbian sex, they both still felt much more comfortable if they had a cock to suck on and play with…. And of course all kinky lesbians have sex toys because no matter what they still love and worship the cock!

Donna pulled out some of her dildos, and they took turns kissing them and kissing each other!

lesbians rubbing their pussies together4

Then they rubbed their lesbian pussys together while sucking on dildos!

lesbians rubbing their pussies together5

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12 May 15

First Lesbian Kiss

There’s a first time for everything….. And that includes hot lesbian kisses!

Looks like this brunette decided to take on two hot little perky blondes for her first lesbian kiss – Smart girl! See, not all future lesbians are ugly and butch. In fact, come to think of it, have you seen a perkier set of boobies recently? Very nice!

first-time lesbian kiss

These three are from the We Live Together website – you know, where all of the lesbians live together…. Looks like they are breaking in a brand new lesbian – this time a brunette!

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10 May 15

Brand Nu Lesbian

All lesbians need to be trained at one time or another! Not only do we love first time lesbians, but we love the Lesbian Training website!!! Looks like this tight little brunette wants to learn how to be a lesbian! It’s no surprise; All of her friends are muff diving lesbians so it’s about time she joined the club!

First they start off with some hot lesbian kissing….

sexy lesbian training hotties4

The clothes came off quickly, and before they knew it this hot little brunette was bending over with her legs spread while her future blonde haired girlfriend was spread her ass cheeks and checking out her pussy!!!

sexy lesbian training hotties1 sexy lesbian training hotties2

Hopefully they’ll end up banging each other with strap on dildos!!!!

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7 May 15

On The Floor

These two lesbian kissers look like they are really enjoying each other’s company….. Looks like they just put a blanket down on the floor and went for it, buck ass naked!

With their bodies wrapped up in each other….

lesbians making out in bed1

And now they are going for it! These two lesbian kissers are having sword fights with their tongues in each other’s mouths!

lesbians making out in bed2

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5 May 15

Teen Lesbians

Amber had no idea her old friend Bailey had become a teen lesbian. But during summer break Bailey invited Amber over to her house, and when she got there Bailey sat her down and told her what had been going on in her life for the past year. Bailey explained she had met a girl and she taught her about the secret joys and pleasures of lesbian sex, and now she was a full teen lesbian who wanted nothing more than lesbian sex.

Amber was beautiful. She was a hot little blonde teen with a huge rack; She was wearing a tight shirt and short shorts. Bailey had to make her move! She put her hands on Amber’s breasts, and must to her surprise Amber didn’t stop her!

two blonde teen lesbians kissing muff diving 6

A few seconds later these two hot young blonde teens were engaged in a hot lesbian kiss!

two blonde teen lesbians kissing muff diving 5

Once they started taking each other’s clothes off they were muff diving all over each other, eating pussy – Amber for the very first time!

two blonde teen lesbians kissing muff diving 7

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These two hot blonde lesbians couldn’t wait to see each other… They had dated before in the past but spent some time apart. Now it was time for them rekindle their sexy lesbian fuck fest! The moment these two lesbians in short skirts saw each other they were all over each other, touching each other, kissing each other, and licking each other’s tongues in a sexy lesbian kiss that only lesbians know how to do!

sexy blonde lesbians outside1

Kim’s plan was to move inside so they could have sex in private, but suddenly titties were coming out and it was clear these two hot blonde lesbians were going to have sex right there on the deck!

They both knew they were going to be having lesbian sex today, so they both wore short skirts – for easy access!

sexy blonde lesbians outside4sexy blonde lesbians outside6

Soon enough both of these two hot blonde lesbians were naked and eating each other out!

sexy blonde lesbians outside8

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